A 39-year-old Christian man, born in Essex and a proud father to his two beautiful girls, joined the military in 2004 at the age of 21 and completed a 17 year military engagement.

I began the campaign (now charity) following my personal lived experiences of childhood trauma, addictions, violence and war related issues relating to my role as an elite front-line soldier.

My passion to raise mental health awareness is the foremost priority for myself and IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK. I served with various regiments and cap badges conducting many operational tours of duty, now a veteran who is committed to fulfilling his requirements of the charity by helping others suffering with mental health and addiction issues through support and guidance.

These combined stresses led me to suffer with many mental health issues which almost cost me my life. I lost everything that I loved, and meant something to me, including my wife, friends, family and most importantly my children. I was stripped of everything I had and was left with nothing but darkness and no way out of the mental health battle I was in. By the grace of God and finding strength through Christianity I was finally able to reach out and ask for help for the issues that I continued to dismiss all my life.

Upon finding my faith in something that gave me strength and hope I then implemented various coping strategies and reached out to support networks to help fight my mental health illnesses.

Alongside my daily duties as CEO of the charity I also work with my local church helping others in need and fulfilling my vital role as a Christian within the community I am now in the best place physically and mentally that I have ever been, hence where the vision for IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK was born.



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